Care and Keeping of you Sterling Silver Jewelry


Basic Facts: Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals (generally copper). The 7.5% (copper) is what makes the silver harder but also what causes it to oxidize. Oxidizing is what maybe referred to as tarnishing. It is the reaction that the copper has with the gasses and humidity in the air.
The greater the humidity level, the more likely your Sterling Silver jewelry will oxidize.


There are a few simple solutions to help minimize the oxidizing process.


  1. If you don't wear you Sterling Silver jewelry every day – store it in a cool, dry place or in a plastic Ziploc bag. This will minimize the amount of oxygen that can get to the jewelry.

  2. If you wear it daily – wash it in the shower. Use a non abrasive soap and just gently clean the jewelry. This will also eliminate the metal odor that is sometimes present.

  3. Use a cleaning cloth to clean your jewelry. Please don't use any harsh jewelry cleaners or toothpaste. Benson Street Jewelry recommends using a cleaning pad that you can purchase from your Sales Consultant.

  4. Another option is to store you jewelry with a tarnish prevention strip – these can be purchased from your BSJ Sales Consultant.


Other factors include – the makeup you wear, the lotions you use and sometime even the medicines that you take. Bleach, ammonia, alcohol and acetone can damage the sterling silver beyond repair and should be avoided.


All Sterling Silver will oxidize over time. Proper cleaning and storage are the key to keeping your jewelry looking shinny and new.


The best way to prevent tarnishing on your sterling silver jewelry is to wear it often. Your own body oils can help to delay the oxidizing process.


Care and Cleaning of you Copper Jewelry


Copper is very sensitive to air an oxidizes (tarnishes) faster in a moist air environment. You should try to remove any copper jewelry before getting into water or applying lotions and oils. Use a polishing cloth for everyday cleaning. And like Sterling Silver Jewelry, store all jewelry that you are not wearing in a plastic ziploc.


Letter Fading


The darkness of your letters will fade over time. You can temporarily fix this with the use of a polishing pad (preferably the pad enclosed with your order) and a Sharpie marker. Simply color the letters with the Sharpie and then immediately wipe off the excess ink. Starting January 2012, all orders come with a complimentary cleaning pad but additional pads can be ordered by calling your Benson Street Jewelry Sales Consultant.


Benson Street jewelry uses only 925 sterling silver for their jewelry unless otherwise noted.


If none of these suggestions help – Call you Sales Consultant. That's what we are here for – we want you to love your jewelry.

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